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Pawpalz Dog Show 2023

We have final arrangements being made for our annual dog show in the stunning grounds of Ellon Castle Gardens on Sunday 6 August 2023 which is promising to be another brilliant day full of canine based shenanigans, fun for all the family and the chance for your four legged pals to receive some due adulation!!💯🐕❤️

We have a few spaces left for our market stalls, if any local crafters are interested in attending please get in touch.

PawPupz Go From Strength to Strength

Meldrum Academy YPI winners represented PawPalz at the YPI National event. So proud of how they have raised awareness and supported the charity at different events. Their hard work was recognised by Ava Shire as they won a AVA Star award.😍. 

Here at Pawpalz we are so delighted and proud of the PawPupz achievements and support for everything we stand for.

You are all stars :) 


Fraserburgh Academy Charity Fair

Pawpalz were delighted to be invited to attend the Academy Charityty Fair on Friday 31 March 2023 to showcase Pawplaz.

Thank you to the staff and especially the pupils for making us feel so welcome and we were right taken by how interested and engaged the pupils were.

It’s really heartening to see the students being so human and hopefully giving the Broch a reason to celebrate.

Quarriers Carers Walk

Pawpalz were delighted to meet up with our good friends at Quarriers for an introductory walk on 28 March 2023.

Thank you so much for such a fine afternoon, it’s always a privilege to work with other organisations that are doing such great work in the community and for our guys it’s a really worthwhile thing to be a part of in so many ways.

Meldrum Academy PawPupz YPI Success

Pawpalz were delighted to be invited to attend Meldrum Academy's YPI Grand Final on 23 March 2023.

Five S2 groups presented their chosen charities (Grampian Women's Aid, Hamish Dear's Warm Hugs, Pawpalz, Grampian Opportunities, CLAN) advocating for the charities they represented.

The quality of presentations and advocation gave the judging panel a difficult task.

We at Pawpalz were so pleased and proud of all the groups but beyond words when the PawPupz were announced as the winners of the £3,000 prize which Pawplaz will put to good use in our growth.

Well done Pawpupz, so proud of you all.


Meldrum Academy PawPupz

The Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is a fantastic scheme which allows school kids the opportunity to learn about a local charity close to their hearts and deliver a presentation in front of a panel of judges, all while hoping to win an amazing £3000 for their chosen charity.

Pawpalz are absolutely thrilled and honoured to have been chosen by some of the pupils from Meldrum Academy as their local charity, Alex, Bethany, Katie, Eve, Noah, Taylor and Leigh have all been working extremely hard together in preparation for their presentation and today had the chance to experience for themselves peer support Pawpalz style.

Along with Mrs Jackson, Ebby and myself went on a walk with the pupils and were left in awe at their understanding of why Pawpalz is such a great way of bringing people together. They all recognised that formal environments like a classroom can be just as intimidating for grown ups as it can be for them. They understood how our pets can help us feel less anxious or stressed and they experienced themselves how a fine walk with your pals and a wee hairy companion can brighten up the gloomiest of days.

As part of their efforts for the YPI the PawPupz (as they have decided to be called) have also been grafting away on creating key rings(as pictured below) bandannas and other amazing merchandise which will be on offer for our followers and members to purchase!!

The PawPupz have offered to help us start a Pawpalz walk for their surrounding community, as in their words, “everyone should get the chance to experience what we have”.

We will of course keep you all updated of their progress in the YPI and we hope our followers can send their best wishes for the pupils future success in all that they strive to achieve, they really do deserve every bit of credit for being exactly who they are, amazing young people!!

Pawpalz Keyrings

Toby and the PawPupz

Mintlaw Chapter

The Pawpalz Mintlaw chapter are up and running out at Aden Park. The feelings of warmth, friendship and even a burgeoning and blossoming love story between two of the canine members provides everyone with a sense of fun, belonging and purpose, with the mutts proving their worth again and again in allowing these pawsitive peer relationships to flourish and grow!!

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